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A.S. in Accounting


Available start dates for the program:  March 1st, 2017/May 1, 2017/ June 22, 2017/ August 7, 2017/ October 2, 2017/January 8, 2018

Program language: English or Bilingual(English and Spanish)

Available Schedules: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00PM-10:00PM  or   Saturday from 7:00AM-7:30PM.

Program duration: 2 years for Full-Time students and 3 years for Part-Time students

Program Description

The A.S. Degree Program in Accounting will enable qualified JMVU graduates to be the financial record keepers of many companies, and even sustain their own businesses. In small corporations, the accounting clerks or assistants may have all of the responsibility of daily financial transactions. They will be able to prepare financial statements, handle payroll, prepare invoices and receive payments, and manage banking transactions. In larger corporations, these assistants will be prepared to assume more specialized responsibilities, such as serving as the accounts receivable clerk, or auditing clerk. 
Graduates of the JMVU A.S. in Accounting Program may also be able to attain employment in related fields. According to the Florida Occupational Profile provided for Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks, these related positions include loan officers, wholesale and retail buyers, claims examiners, compensation and benefits analysts, insurance appraisers and adjusters, and customer service representatives. 
The A.S. Degree Program in Accounting is designed to enable graduates to become financial assistants, accounting clerks and bookkeepers immediately upon graduation. The program provides students with a combination of technical training, accounting, business practices and General Education courses. Students receive a comprehensive understanding of accounting and bookkeeping through applied and relevant courses, with a practical internship during the last semester. This degree also prepares students to continue their education at JMVU or other postsecondary institutions in the field of business.