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Consumer Information

Federal Regulations provide that JMVU notifies all current and prospective students of the institutional and financial information available for disclosure. In this section you will find useful resources and statistics to better understand your JMVU experience. 

Performance Information Disclosure 
In the document bellow student and potential students will find information on retention and placement for all the university programs as reported in the 2016 Campus Accountability Report (CAR) that was submitted to Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). 

Performance Information Disclosure (PDF document)

Important notice about the Performance Information Disclosure: These are the self-reported data submitted to ACICS by the institution in its most recent Campus Accountability Report..

Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Federal Regulations provide that JMVU notifies what information is available to all students under FERPA. Paper copies will be provided upon request. You may do so by emailing or in person at the Financial Aid Office. 

Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional, State or Federal Financial Aid Information

Contacts: Edith Paredes, Director of Financial Aid
Phone Number: 954-322-4460

Student Financial Aid Information

Information regarding financial aid options and opportunities at Jose Maria Vargas University. 

Campus Safety and Security Report 
This report contains crime reporting data for the academic year 2011-2012, including a description of the general procedures to report crimes in progress, accidents or other emergencies on campus. Campus Safety and Security Report for corresponding academic year will be posted July 1st of each year. In order to offer the most accurate information, JMVU has made a good faith effort to obtain crime statistics from the local authorities, and will modify report to show information upon receipt of data.
Emergency Management Plan
Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Jose Maria Vargas University is required to notify students of the federal mandated penalties for drug law violations while receiving title IV funds under the Higher Education Act; to provide a timely notice to each student who has lost eligibility for any grant, or loan assistance as a result of said penalties; and to advise the student of the ways in which to regain eligibility. Students are hereby notified that any convictions for drug law violations will result in the loss of eligibility for any title IV grants or loans. 

Accreditation information

Jose Maria Vargas University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

For more information please visit

Notice to students and prospective students: Jose Maria Vargas University, Pembroke Pines, has been placed on student achievement show-cause by their accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ("ACICS"), due to material noncompliance with placement standards: 39% as reported on the 2016 Campus Accountability Report.

The university’s response to the show cause status: Employment placement is, of course, a matter of great importance to the University. This status is a result of Phlebotomist and EKG Aide Diploma programs having low placement rates although all the other programs that reported placement which are A.S in Accounting, FCCPC, B.A in Graphic Design, A.A in Preschool Education and M.S in Preschool Education have placement rates of 100%. Nevertheless, the university has taken steps to improve this "show cause status.” As many members of the university may be are already aware, the university has initiated numerous programs to assist all Jose Maria Vargas University students to be better prepared for employment opportunities.

University Catalog

Click on this link for the 2016-2017 university catalog info

Privacy of Student Records

JMVU does not disclose personally identifiable information to unauthorized individuals or entities. Here is some important information regarding your rights as a student.

Services to individuals with disabilities

Jose Maria Vargas University does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or operations of, its programs or activities. This notice is provided as required by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Accommodations are granted on a case-by-case basis for those students who are eligible by showing sufficient documentation of disability in compliance with all Federal and State Laws. The university currently provides handicap access in its classrooms and facilities. Requests for other accommodations must be made both to the Director of Student Development. The Director of Student Development will work to resolve the request. With the goal of promoting integration and equality among the student population, the University provides individual assistance to students with documented disabilities. The University provides these auxiliary aids and services on an individual basis. These aids and services may include, but are not limited to: registration assistance, approval of reduced course load, letters to instructors outlining accommodation needs, note takers, testing accommodations, classroom and other facility accommodations, and assistance with accessibility issues. The University maintains all records as confidential. 

Contact information for the Director of Student Development:
Name: Erika Ortiz
Tel: 954-322-4460

Career and placement services

Students are encouraged to visit the Student Development Department to seek career and placement services. 

As part of our year round activities, we offer individual consultations that include, but are not limited to:

It is in the best interest of the students, to come in and seek the guidance of the Student Development Department

Gainful Employment Disclosures
Gainful Employment Disclosures

University Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar

Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid and withdraw from the university, you may be financially liable to pay back a portion or all the aid received. Please refer to the JMVU Catalog or the Student Financial Aid Information Manual to know these processes. 

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions
JMVU's students, employees and general community with authorized access to computer resources should not download, upload, transmit, make available or otherwise distribute copyrighted material without authorization using the university's computer systems, networks, Internet access or storage media. This is inclusive of utilizing unlicensed/unauthorized peer-to-peer file services that would promote copyright infringement. Users who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action as appropriate under the circumstances. Such disciplinary action may include suspension, dismissal and other legal actions. 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
The university recognizes drug and alcohol abuse as illnesses or treatable disorders. Consequently, the university seeks to work with members of its community to provide channels of education and assistance. However, possession and/or use of controlled substances is illegal, and the University must comply with all federal, state and local laws. The University Catalog discusses JMVU's policy towards Drug and Alcohol Abuse, which states that controlled substances and alcohol are prohibited on campus, and students or employees under the influence may be dismissed and subject to further sanctions for repeated infractions.