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General Admission

General Requirements for All Applicants to Bachelor Degree Programs
The general requirements which apply to all applicants for admission or readmission to associate or bachelor’s degree programs include:
Once admitted, students applying to any Bachelor’s degree program will be required to complete an Introductory Program of 2 one-credit courses offered at JMVU

Furnishing false or fraudulent statements or information in connection with an application for admission may result in disciplinary action, denial of admission and invalidation of credits or degrees earned.

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Transfer of Credits Policy and Articulation Agreements

Students seeking to transfer credits earned at another postsecondary institution to JMVU, or from JMVU to other institutions should note that the transferability of credits is at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is the student's responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution of the student's choice. The policy of the University regarding the evaluation of course content from other universities to determine its equivalency with a course offered at JMVU is that approximately three-fourths of the course content must match the content of the course offered at JMVU if it is to be accepted for transfer. For evaluation purposes, students must provide a copy of the course description for the course to be evaluated and the school catalog for the time period during which the course was taken. Evaluations are handled on a case by case basis.

JMVU is a member of the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). This articulation agreement facilitates the transfer of credit for equivalent courses among the state's colleges and universities. Students who request an evaluation to transfer credits from universities or colleges that are not members of SCNS must pay a fee of $300 before any evaluation of transfer credits can take place.

More details are available at the Office of Admissions. You may contact our admissions advisors at You may also access our catalog here.