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Jose Maria Vargas University is a postsecondary institution that provides educational programs at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The University serves the culturally diverse students of South Florida who live and work in an increasingly populous, international environment.

Jose Maria Vargas University offers programs that are both research-academic and career-oriented in their focus. Each of these programs is taught in a bi-lingual context. Among all its programs of study, the goal of the University is to promote a high-quality education in which students acquire the critical thinking and conceptual skills, as well as the knowledge and interpersonal skills to function in their careers.

Values Statements

Holistic Model of Education  Jose Maria Vargas University provides students with  a  balanced  curriculum  in all program areas to ensure that instruction is occurring in  the  areas  of academic scholarship, real-life practical skills, interpersonal skills and self-knowledge.
Intellectual Development The University strives foremost to develop the intellectual and academic preparation of students.  Students are expected to think critically and independently, develop quantitative skills, conduct research, and investigate new ideas.  

Career Preparation The University’s objective is to establish the ideal balance among the practical, theoretical and personal aspects of career preparation in order to provide the business and professional communities with graduates who have the knowledge, the skills and the interpersonal ability to make an immediate and significant contribution in their chosen field.

Communication Students at the University are expected to demonstrate effective communication skills.  These include listening thoughtfully, speaking respectfully, writing clearly, and presenting information in a concise manner.  

Diversity The University embraces the cultural diversity of South Florida and its students, and welcomes students from many countries around the world and states across the nation.  

Innovation The University incorporates the most current technology in instruction and administration, and provides students with extensive on-line library resources.  Students are encouraged to utilize computer labs at the University to complete assignments or conduct research.