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M.S. in Preschool Education 

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Available start dates for the program:  March 1st, 2017/May 1, 2017/ June 22, 2017/ August 7, 2017/ October 2, 2017/January 8, 2018

Program language: English or Bilingual(English and Spanish)

Available Schedules: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00PM-10:00PM  or   Saturday from 7:00AM-7:30PM.

Program duration: 2 years for Full-Time students and 3 years for Part-Time students

Program Description

The degree in Preschool Education is based on research and teaching as the center of 
the curriculum, and includes both the pedagogical as well as the developmental aspects of 
early childhood education. Its purpose is to educate a professional who has the knowledge and 
the commitment to provide leadership in the field of pre-school education through a career of 
teaching, educational administration, social work, or research. 
The evolutionary development of a young child is a continuous process a chain of events 
that results from the interaction between the child, his environment, and the quality of stimuli 
that is offered. The degree program is based upon the notion that child 
development is an interactive, multidimensional and synergetic process. 
The degree program in Preschool Education includes significant study on the 
physical development of the child, based upon genetic qualities, as well as the child
nutritional status and health. The program also includes emphasis on the emotional aspect 
of child development, from infant-maternal bonding to the development of trust. Early 
relationships between children and adults, as well as the beginnings of interactive play are key 
components in the emotional well-being of young children. 
ill utilize the most timely and valid research studies to 
encourage students to embrace innovative approaches to the education and development of 
young children. Our graduates will demonstrate responsible, creative and innovative solutions 
for creating environments that nurture the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of young 
children. In so doing, they will effectively utilize or develop curriculum that is firmly grounded 
in scientific and technological advances.