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Welcome to Vargas University

Welcome to the academic world of Jose Maria Vargas University! Here at Vargas University you will experience preparation both as a future professional and as a human beings through a uniquely holistic model of education. We have achieved the ideal balance among the practical, theoretical and personal aspects of career preparation. 

The central focus in all of the University's programs is the relationship between academic learning and real-life practical skills and strategies. At Vargas University you will encounter distinguished faculty who have a record of outstanding professional experience. You will benefit from realistic and authentic course experiences through continual participation in real-world problem solving. Vargas University offers the benefit of a results-driven, team-based cooperative learning environment that emphasizes updated curricula, collaborative learning and project management skills. 

Vargas University represents one of the few existing academic endeavors that integrate an international approach with expertise in the practical, professional and educational arenas in a formalized university setting. By providing an educational setting with strong cultural diversity, Vargas University offers you a unique global understanding that is embedded in its curriculum as well as the larger educational context. 

We have created an environment conducive to successful learning by ensuring a low student to teacher ratio and small classes. Vargas University offers personal and individualized attention so that you may grow not only academically, but also personally, socially and emotionally – all within a rich and meaningful university experience. 
                        Alicia Fernanda Parra, Ed.D.
                        President, Jose Maria Vargas University