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Statement of Purpose

Vargas University seeks to achieve, through a uniquely holistic model of education, the overall preparation of students both as future professionals and as human beings. Jose Maria Vargas University represents one of the few endeavors existing with an international approach that combines expertise from the practical professional arena and the educational arena in a formalized university setting. The University’s objective is to establish the ideal balance among the practical, theoretical and personal aspects of career preparation in order to provide the business and professional communities with graduates who have the knowledge, the skills and the interpersonal ability to make an immediate and significant contribution in their chosen field. 

Vargas University will build an educational curriculum upon which a strong foundation for critical thinking and conceptual skills can be established. The rigor and scholarly emphasis of the University will be coupled with the expertise and knowledge of the professional community. The central focus in all of the University's programs will be the relationship between academic learning and real life practical skills and strategies. The University’s programs will be designed to respond to the needs of today's world with the flexibility to adjust to these needs as they continue to evolve. 

Vargas University's institutional philosophy will also emphasize the educational, professional and personal growth of each student. To that end, each degree program will emphasize not only academia, but also personal growth and life skills.